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Barking Foodbank CYP Holiday

Barking Foodbank CYP Holiday

Hope Family Trust, via its Barking Foodbank project provides an exciting opportunity for thirty children aged 8yrs to 14yrs to spend this summer holidays volunteering with the charity.  As well as engaging in fun and activity, the children explore what it means to volunteer and why it is important to volunteer.  Each child is expected to put in 24 hours of volunteering in our foodbank and clothes bank projects and will be presented with certificates upon completion.

Starting Tuesday 7th August to Friday 17th August for the first group of fifteen children and August 21st to August 31st for the second group of fifteen children, the scheme promises to be an immersive experience stimulating children to become lateral thinkers as well develop social, emotional and character building skills. By spending time outside their comfort zone, they get a chance to see new life perspectives, meet with other children and experience novel situations they might not otherwise get to see. These skills they put into practice during the programme and are rewarded for doing so on Rewards Friday.

Rewards Friday: Friday of each week, the child/children nominated by their peers for exemplifying skills they have learnt during that week will get a prize. Friday is also the day we take a break and go out touring various child-friendly installations, museums, galleries and parks in the city.

The Barking Foodbank Children and Young People Holiday Volunteering Scheme cost £25 per child per week for lunch and outings but I am in the process of securing funding for children whose parents might not be able to afford the cost.

If you think this opportunity might be of interest to parents and their children will benefit from participating in the scheme and you can arrange it, I am quite happy to come for an assembly one morning to talk to the children about it.

Please find attached a letter for the children to take home to their parents. Interested parents are to fill out the acceptance slips at the bottom, detach it and hand it over to the church. I will come and pick them up afterwards after liaising with the church office.




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