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Covid-19 and Barking foodbank

With the continued impact Covid-19 is having on our borough and across the nation, Hope Family UK are continuing to support our community through our Barking and Chadwell Heath foodbank sites. We have remained open since the start of the pandemic whilst observing the latest government guidance to help our customers and staff operate in the safest possible environments. Our team have learnt many lessons, even loosing some of those dear to us, whilst continuing to help an increasing number of people as the unfolding crisis seeps into peoples livelihoods and affects their jobs.

As well as seeing an unprecedented uptake in the visitors using our foodbanks we have also seen a huge increase in volunteers lending their help and pulling together in this time of crisis. For more information about our Barking Foodbank, please see the latest news.

The Barking foodbank at Axe Street, now operates on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays only whilst our Chadwell Heath site remains open as usual on Thursdays.

We are here to offer help to anyone who arrives at our door in a way that preserves dignity, respect and individuality. We know what a difference food makes.

Read how to get help here.

If you are available to volunteer, please see here.

Barking Foodbank CYP Holiday

Hope Family UK, via its Barking Foodbank Project provides an exciting opportunity for thirty children aged 8 to 14 to spend the summer holidays volunteering with the charity.  As well as engaging in fun activities, the children explore what it means to volunteer and why it is important to volunteer.  Each child is expected to put in 24 hours of volunteering in our foodbank and clothes bank and will be presented with a certificate upon completion.

Starting Tuesday 7th August to Friday 17th August for the first group of fifteen children and August 21st to August 31st for the second group of fifteen children, the scheme promises to be an immersive experience stimulating children to become lateral thinkers as well develop social, emotional and character building skills. By spending time outside their comfort zone, they get a chance to see new life perspectives, meet with other children and experience novel situations they might not otherwise get to see. The valuable skills they learn and use during the programme are acknowledged and reinforced on Rewards Friday.

Rewards Friday: On the Friday of each week, the children are nominated by their peers for exemplifying skills they have learnt during that week and will get a prize. Friday is also the day we take a break and go out touring various child-friendly installations, museums, galleries and parks in the city.

The Barking Foodbank Children and Young People Holiday Volunteering Scheme costs £25 per child per week for lunch and outings. However, funding may be available for children on a case by case basis.




Community League For Young People

Hope Family UK are pleased to announce our Community League Project which is targeted at young people between the age of 5 – 10 years and 11 – 21 years old helping them to access free boxing equipment. As part of our objective, we want to keep young people off the streets and free from crime by engaging them with meaningful activities.

Mercy Worldwide In Action At Tesco

Mercy Worldwide Trust is a not-for-profit organisation working to help victims of conflict or natural disaster around the world.

In an effort to support our work here in Barking over 50 volunteers from Mercy Worldwide Trust have redistributed over 1.5 tons of food from Barking Tesco to those in our community in need. We wish to say a very big thank you to all staff members of Mercy Worldwide Trust and pray that you continue to share the love of God.


Our work is changing lives

We focused on building families and tackling poverty in our local community.